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Agami Nirman Diary 2017

01st January : International New Year’s Day was observed by the students in a befitting manner.
12th January : Swami Vivekananda’s picture was garlanded. Then a selected article was read out by a student. They also took part in devotional songs.
23rd January : There were given the task before hand to write short article on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The picture of Netaji was garlanded by a student. All the students were treated with snacks.
26th January : The national flag was hoisted by a student at Sarsuna centre. Children participated in few patriotic songs and also read out selected relevant pieces.
1st & 5th February : Saraswati Puja was observed with reverence. A cultural evening was organised by the students of Sarsuna Centre.
12th March : On the occasion of Doljatra , the students put ‘abir’ on the feet of the elders. Everybody was treated with sweets after the seniors put dots of ‘abir’ on the junior’s head.
14th April : Bengali New Year Celebrated
24th April : The Annual Cultural Programme was observed at Birla Academy. Eminent singer Sri Ramanuj Das Gupta inaugurated the programme. Other eminent persons who graced the occasion were Smt. Tilottama Majumder, Sri Pradipta Roy, Brother (Dr) Brendan MacCarthaigh, Dr Samantak Das. On this occasion, yearly magazine Kishore Baithak and the newsletter were published. The Agami Nirman 2003 ‘o’ Kishore Baithak Seva Sanman –2016 was conferred to Sri Arabinda Bhattacharya who organises service to the poor students in Purulia in Belpahari area.
09th May : Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated at Sarsuna centre. A student read up an article on Rabindranath Tagore on his birthday after garlanding the picture. The cultural event on that occasion was more elaborated with songs, recitations and dances. Snacks were provided to all by Agami Nirman.
07th August : On Raksha Bandhan Day, the students tied rakhis made by themselves on the wrist of their teachers and elders. Snacks were served to all present.
15th August : Our national flag was hoisted by one of our student of the non-formal study centre. Few patriotic songs were sung by the students.
05th September : The students honoured their teachers by giving cards made by them and offered respect by touching the teachers feet.
10th September : The Annual General meeting of Agami Nirman was held at the residence of our honorary member Sri Sachindra Kumar Ghosh. After the usual agenda were carried out, a musical programme was held.
25th September : On Panchami Day new dresses were provided for the underprivileged children with donation from the members of Agami Nirman and well wishers.
01st October : A Bijoya Sanmelani was organised at Sarsuna and at New Alipur Centre. It was celebrated with songs, recitations etc. Later all were treated with sweets.
21st October : Bhai Phota was organised by the lady teachers and the girl students. They put photas on the forehead of the male students and teachers.
21st November : Blankets were distributed to the needy elderly people in the area of East Midnapur.
14th December : Swami Ranganathananda Memorial Lecture – 2017 was organised at Birla Academy. The programme was graced by the presence of Swamis Balabhadranandaji, Asimatmanandaji.Dr. Purba Sen Gupta and Sri Sandip Kar, Eastern Regional Head, YES Bank were present as speakers.