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History / Formation

In the year 2003 two or three like – minded persons decided to use their organizational skills and visionary zeal to work for the betterment of the social and cultural milieu around them. Within a short time some other friends joined the core group and an organization was born. The members were in search of a suitable name for the organization but the suggestions coming forth at first fell short of the intended vision. Finally the committee suggested the name ‘Agami Nirman’, which was unanimously accepted. As is evident from the name which means ‘Building the future’, our aim is to strive to make youth and children socially and culturally aware and through several social projects to try to make a difference to the lives of the less privileged around us.

From the very beginning the pre-teens and teenagers have been our main concern. Regular meetings of a few young boys and girls were being organized since inception. In no time a youth wing formed with its own convener to decide and execute projects / programmes under the guidance and sponsorship of the mother organization ‘Agami Nirman’. Incidentally it was registered on 10th March 2004 under the name ‘Agami Nirman 2003’. The monthly meetings of the youth wing were popularly referred to as ‘Kishore Baithak’ and ultimately this identity became official as the youth wing of ‘Agami Nirman 2003’. It was decided that an annual magazine named ‘Kishore Baithak’ would be published for the young readers. The magazine got its RNI number from Registrar of Newspapers of India in 2006.