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Welfare Projects

'Agami Nirman 2003' has come a long way in its short life span of twelve years. It has tried through its various welfare, educative and cultural projects to justify its existence and relevance in today's society.
Scholarships and Book Grants
The organization has been trying in its modest way to take up social projects in collaboration with its friends and well wishers in offering book grants and scholarships to needy students. Endowment funds have been created over the years to provide for annual scholarships and book grants for students in need. So far the following funds accumulated through generous donations from individuals have been fixed in banks to yield annual interests which are disbursed as scholarships.
  • 'Agami Nirman' Endowment Fund – Annually about thirty (30) underprivileged school students avail of book grants from this fund.
  • 'Swami Ranganathananda' Memorial Fund - Scholarships are awarded to one or two meritorious yet needy students who are desirous of pursuing higher education at the college or University level.
  • 'Kshetra Mohan Dutta' Memorial Fund – Scholarships are awarded to one or two meritorious yet needy students who are desirous of pursuing higher education at the college or University level.
  • Dilip Kr. Chattopadhyay Endowment Fund - Scholarships are awarded to one needy student who is desirous of pursuing vocational training.
  • 'Aruna Pal Memorial Fund' Scholarships are awarded to one or two meritorious girl students who are desirous of pursuing studies/vocational studies.
  • Bidyut Banerjee Endowment Fund – Scholarship are awarded to needy students who are desirous of pursuing education in the secondary level.
  • Krishna Mazumder Endowment Fund – Financial assistances are extended to the volunteers of Agami Nirman 2003.
Non-formal Study Centres
While a non-formal study centre had been operating at the Tollygunge centre until recently, the Sarsuna Centre has begun its own study centre classes, Yogasana, drawing and music classes from 2012, for a hundred (100) marginalized children of the locality, in a building erected for the purpose. Sri Sachindranath Mandal as convener of the sub-committee formed under the Chairperson Smt. Anjana Basu, Vice President, Agami Nirman, 2003, has been given the responsibility of supervising the centre and its activities in entirety. More than five paid teachers along with another eleven volunteer teachers work at the centre.

Medical Aid
At the Sarsuna centre the ground floor of the building also serves as a medical unit after classes are over. Two doctors have offered their services for examining and prescribing medicine to poor local families. Health camps are also being considered as future programmes in keeping with local demands.
We are happy with the progress that has been achieved at the Sarsuna centre.

Vocational Study Centre
Through the formation of the Netaji Subhas Open University- Agami Nirman Vocational Study Centre at New Alipore, in rented premises, Agami Nirman has been able to commence a‘Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training Course’ affiliated to the University. At the same time the centre has taken the initiative to conduct a Communicative English course.
Other Charitable Endeavours
  • A helping hand has also been extended from time to time to individuals and organizations as and when required. For instance financial help has been extended from time to time, during the last five years, to elderly persons in need.
  • Examination centres for Class IV & V Scholarship Examinations were provided to organizations from 2010 to 2013.
  • A Workshops was held for the inmates of ‘Bodhipeet’ who are mentally challenged persons to enable them to make greetings cards. Medicines and clothes were also collected and donated to the home.
  • Donations of toys and clothes collected from different organizations and individuals were given to children of the Balwaris of remote villages through the Integrated Child Development Scheme of the Government of India.
  • Rs. 5,15,000/- was donated to Ramakrishna Sarada Mission (Matri Bhavan) for treating needy patients on 14th June 2004 and Agami Nirman, 2003, is now in a position to recommend patients for free treatment at the Bhavan.
  • Distribution of puja clothes and blankets to the underprivileged children and elderly persons.